Harnessing the power of Forgiveness to Bring Harmony to your life.

In this world, we keep having conflict and disputes with our surrounding people day in day out.

The Boss will put the blame on subordinates for not completing the work in time, and doing the work carelessly.

The Subordinates will blame the boss, for wrong decisions, lack of resources, tons of workload and low salaries.

The Son will blame the father for not giving him sufficient exposure in the childhood or for not affording admission in a good B-School, which could have changed his fortune,

while the parents will blame the kids, for being arrogant, disobedient, and never putting efforts on studies.

Normally, we tend to find the fault in the other person, for the lack of success and accomplishments, which we deserve, but could not reach to.

These negative thoughts, which keep coming to our head, repeatedly, occupy the most part of our thought process, which often lead to a bad relationship with the concerned people. We tend to make the notions for people and keep thinking about the shortcomings.

What is the result of these negative thoughts?

1.   Our energy drains out in generating the counter arguments, proving ourselves right.

2.   The Actual quarrel would have lasted for a few minutes, but we tend to give hours after that thinking about the same. No constructive thinking happens in this time.

3.   We stop taking the responsibility of the failure on self, and try to put the blame on someone else, thus lacking that extra mile, which we ought to go, to get the success to our court.

4.   Our energy is blocked resulting in more negativity and in turn attracting more failure to self.

What ought to be done:

Finding goodness in something, is a habit to be developed. Never ever it can be a situation, that the other person, might not have done a good deed to you. Finding that one deed of goodness, will not only relieve you from the mind blockage, but will give you positive boost to accomplish better things, which otherwise were getting lost in nurturing the negative feelings.

Have we ever thought, with an open mind, what good that person has done to us.

Did the Subordinate never recognise, that the boss, having identified your capabilities, only did choose you for the team, which several others were aspiring to be in. And how many times, has he suppressed the wrong doings, of yours, and taught you of the better way of doing the things.

Did the Boss ever remember that the subordinate has given his family time, working late on the project, which he was faced to do, due to lack of resources and other competent team members or paucity of time.

Did the kids, ever remember, his parents curtailing their needs, and compromising their dreams, to give a decent education and living to the kids, or the worries, which have gone, while the exams were going on and the mental support the parents have given, in the time of need.

Did the parents ever recognise the difference in the environment and circumstances, which have changed, since they themselves were kids. Or the satisfaction and love, they have got, from having those wonderful kids, and what their social status and position had been, had they no kids at all.

Let us free ourselves, from the negative feelings and blockage of energy, which is stopping our progress, and let us strive for a world, full of positivity, where everyone is your supporter and helping you grow and flourish. Whenever, you feel negativity rising head, in your thoughts, let us start thinking, consciously, about the good deeds or favours, that other person has done for us.

And for all the past ill feelings, which are still alive, in our minds, draining all our energy, stopping our progress, today is the day, to get free from all of these.

Today, on this auspicious day of Shamavani, let us all remember all our family, friends and acquaintances, with which we have been fighting or having the ill feelings, and let us ask from them, forgiveness, to free themselves and ourselves, from those blockages of energy.

Let us recite the following verses which Lord Mahaveer has taught to his followers:

खामेमि सव्व जीवे, सव्वे जीवा खमंतु मे,

मित्ती मे सव्व-भूएसु, वेरं मज्झ न केणइ


I forgive all living beings, may all souls forgive me, I am in friendly terms with all, I have no animosity toward any soul. May all my faults be dissolved.

CA. Alok Jain

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